Fostering Transformation Through Data

After decades of growth, communication service providers are facing declining revenues as telecom services become increasingly commoditized, while enduring relentless competition from the side of disruptive digital businesses. Fortunately, operators are sitting on a veritable gold mine. With large subscriber bases, the industry generates rich data on customer activity as a byproduct of its daily business. Big data and advanced analytics has the potential to place telecom operators in a prime position to win the battle for customers, create new revenue streams, and optimize cost.

We partner with leading telecommunication companies to establish their strategic direction in order to capture value through data. Whether it’s revamping operations, reinventing customer experience, or expanding products and services, our solutions enable telecom operators to hone in on the most important problems to solve and highlight high-priority opportunities.

Use Case Examples

Digital Telecom

A broad range of integrated analytics underlying digital transformation initiatives in the telecommunications sector.

Customer Journey

Suite of models that follow customer experience, identifying journeys and touchpoints of customer lifecycle, as well as the purchase of new services.

Customer Engagement

Deep-dive granular models underlining meaningful customer engagement scenarios, including contextual offers for digital channels.

Insight-driven customer care

Predictive and preemptive analytics models for intelligent care applications, including a consolidated view of real-time customer metrics and personalized offers.

Legacy analytics

Pricing, lending, decision support, fraud or churn - a selection of offerings, tailored for telco critical challenges.

Creating a “Data Business”

Developing of modeling flows for external markets using operator’s data advantage.

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