By seizing the advanced analytics opportunity, in a wake of the digital era, financial organization are set to move their services to a higher level of profitability, better compliance, and expansion into new markets.

We bring years of domain experience in delivering strategic and technological data solutions in banking, payment network, insurance and investment sectors. By applying the right models to the right data, we help financial institutions capture and leverage their data to solve critical transformational issues, mitigate risk, and grow revenue.

Use Case Examples

Digital Banking

A broad range of integrated analytics underlying digital transformation initiatives in banking.

Customer Centricity

A framework of understanding your customers, integrating disparate customer data into consistent customer information fueling business and analytical applications.

Customer Journey

Suite of models that map customer journey throughout banking relationship and use of financial products, identifying journeys and touchpoints of customer lifecycle, helping banks to orchestrate enhanced customer experience.

Risk and Fraud

Models that improve effectiveness of existing fraud and AML applications to mitigate financial crime and comply with industry regulations.

Insight-driven customer care

Predictive and preemptive analytics models for intelligent care applications, including a consolidated view of real-time customer metrics and personalized offers.

Creating “Data Business”

Developing credit scoring and pricing models by utilizing the near-real-time advantage of 3rd party data.

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