Crunching Any Data

SteppeChorus ingests data from the multi-level processing layers, providing the flexibility for data collection in a privacy friendly way. The platform is suitable for structured and unstructured data from diverse sources of static and streaming origins. The platform consolidates information across channels ranging from processing and billing systems, to campaign and channel performance, customer usage, payments, applications, and much more. The process of data collection and conversion is fully tailored to a business case, turning the company’s sporadic data into a strategic asset and uncovering new business possibilities. The platform complies with the highest standards of data security, encryption, and privacy management.

From No Data To Good Data

The number of data points generated by the multiple systems at the enterprise can be massive, causing data streams to slip under radars of traditional data collection efforts. SteppeChorus harnesses appropriate data signals, converting them into valuable descriptive and predictive pieces of information joining the analytical platform data flow.

Unifying And Enriching

Data quality and completeness is important, representing a single source of truth for analytical modeling and empowering the analytical value of the data. SteppeChorus generates predictive and prescriptive big data solutions. Platform architecture is focused on enabling development of customized, value-added science solutions, grinding down the layers of data by consolidating and enriching real-time signals with meaningful data points, both native and third-party.

Elastic And Fast

SteppeChorus provides a trusted, scalable infrastructure for speedy data processing. Transformed data is streamed into platform hierarchies, shaped to optimize marketing automation, scoring, segmentation, and the performance of predictive and prescriptive solutions. Platform architecture is focused on enabling development of customized, value-added science solutions and not just querying or data hosting.



SteppeChorus Platform for
Advanced Analytics

Perfectly designed for the realities of data-driven transformation.