What We Do

Data is paramount for organizations that are looking for strategic growth based on insight from data science. Our purpose is to assist clients to expand their possibilities by leveraging this underutilized asset.
Operating at the intersection of data science, technology and ​consulting, we partner with clients to focus on allocating analytical effort where it will create the most value and building fast solutions at scale.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

Our Story

Collaboration Alleviates Complexity

Today’s world is complex and intertwined, with ever-increasing amounts of data and blurred boundaries between industries—specialized knowledge alone is not enough.

We recognize the need for a radically different collaboration that transcends traditional functional areas and lines of business.

Engineering Is Our Nucleus

We started as a group of Silicon Valley engineers. We sculpted new products though designing, prototyping, and testing ideas. Our data science team inherited our engineering legacy, absorbing a designer mindset into the craft of discovery and problem solving.

The Functional Divide Had Melted Away

Today we are a team of collaborators: data scientists and architects, software engineers, bankers, marketers, and mobile experts. We come as a team, where specialties have been blended to accomplish one goal—design innovative, yet feasible, data science solutions.

Client-Centered Approach

Our solutions are tailor-made to meet customer’s specific needs. We start every project by building a deep understanding of the client’s context.  We think about the client ecosystem in which the solution will operate. We strive to reduce time-to-results for our clients radically. We design, prototype, test, and deploy—working collaboratively with the client teams to select the best approach.

Our People

At SteppeChange, we’re powered by a passionate team of industry leading experts who are united by a relentless pursuit to deliver new value for organizations by solving the toughest problems they are facing through big data projects.

We Are An Ensemble Of Diverse Backgrounds

A collaborative group with shared mindset and curiosity for data, we are experienced in designing and delivering client-tailored, advanced data science solutions spanning different domains: telecom, financial services, retail, and advertising.  Our team includes data scientists and architects, software engineers, bankers, marketers, and mobile experts.

We Seize Next-Generation Technologies

Our solutions tap into applied research and adopt modern breakthrough tools and technologies. We stay abreast of the current advances in machine learning and big data and are resolved to introduce only carefully curated, proven methods and tools to our clients.

We Take Responsibility For The Outcomes

We do more than data modeling and design —we integrate our science products into customers’ native systems. We measure the success of our solutions through statistically viable testing outcomes and evaluation of business performance metrics.